Online Converting Club

Turns Your Practice Coordinator

Into a Revenue-Generating Rock Star

How much is it worth to you to have your patient coordinator trained to convert

15%-30% more of your consultations? $200,000? $350,000? $700,000 per year?


If your coordinator is having trouble converting prospective patients to a booked procedure and is frustrated with their low conversion rate during consultations, they are not alone.


 Lower conversion rates are affecting more and more cosmetic practices for all sorts of reasons.


Insane competition and choice of technology are two big ones. 


It can be frustrating to put time, money and effort into advertising for new patients and get nothing back in return when they don’t say YES to a procedure.


It can also be costly when they DON’T book….

The difference between a 25% conversion rate and a 65% conversion rate can be the difference between a 6- or 7- or even 8-figure cosmetic practice.


The reality is your efforts don’t count until the patient says YES and PAYS for your services, right?


So, how can your coordinator get more prospective patients to say YES rather than, “I need to think about it”?

Here’s the answer… If you are NOT getting the results you want, there’s something your coordinator doesn’t know.

Most coordinators use the “trial and error” method to figure out the best way to get a patient to a yes.


The problem with that is it takes a long time to figure out what works and what doesn’t,  you lose many patients in the process and you may even lose your coordinator out of frustration.


Coordinators are not born closers. They learn from others who have been there and done that.


Introducing the Converting Club for Practice Coordinators.

Using a simple video platform, your patient coordinator will learn the words,

scripts and processes necessary to promote YOU professionally and "lead" the patient comfortably to a YES!


- No more cringing when you see prospective patients walk out your door

 without booking


- No more wasted time on consultations going nowhere


- No more being busy but not making money


The Converting Club is the easiest guide for your patient coordinator to quickly

learn HOW to professionally represent you as the BEST CHOICE.


And that's what leads prospective patients to say YES...


Imagine your schedule filled with qualified prospective patients who

gladly PAY for your services.  


That's what happens when your staff is properly trained. 

Here’s what your coordinator will have complete access to that transforms her into a revenue-generating machine:

Video Modules by Topic

✔   Introduction

✔   Characteristics of Successful Coordinator

✔   Mindset

✔   Understanding the Cosmetic Patient

✔   The Decision-Making Process

✔   The Patient Visit

✔   Bonding with the Patient

✔   Fact-finding and Qualifying

✔   Position the Physician

✔   Presenting the Quote

✔   Closing Strategies

✔   Price Negotiating Strategies

✔   Handling Objections

✔   Follow Up Strategies


Each video module contains a quiz to test your coordinator on the most important points. This helps to ensure retention.

 Weekly Metrics

Predictable results come from specific actions taken so your coordinator will complete these metrics form each week to track their progress and identify trends for improvement.

Q&A With Catherine

Your coordinator can ask Catherine questions online that she will answer privately or she will share on monthly calls with all coordinators in the club if it’s of value.

Sharing and learning from others is key to fine-tuning your processes and becoming a converting rock star!

Accountability is the Glue That Ties Commitment to Results

It’s so much easier to succeed when your coordinator has a coach inspiring and motivating them to do their best. Your Converting Coach will meet with your coordinator regularly via phone to review their metrics and advise them on how to “Be the Best They Can Be”.

What Others Say About My Converting Training....

"I am super happy with the Converting Club for my coordinator. She absorbs what you teach her and is able to put it to use quickly. Your strategies are practical and easy to execute. The program paid for itself many times over in just the first month." 


Ramsen Azizi, MD

"When I was asked to complete The Weekly Metrics, my first reaction

was to resist. I thought it was going to be a waste of time; however, I found out they were super helpful to me in identifying where I was losing consults and what else I could be doing to get that patient to a yes. 

I also find the coaching calls with Catherine to be invaluable. She's helped me address objections like a pro and increase my conversion rates by 50%.  

Catherine's tools are my secret weapon to winning!"    Lisa L.

"Since I joined The Converting Club, my conversions have increased  by 25%. And, even though we are usually slower in the summer, I used Catherine's specific strategies and had the best month ever in July!"


Jennifer B. 

"While I was new to cosmetic surgery, I was not new to working with people.      Having the people skills already, along with what I learned from Catherine, gave me the proven strategies to jumpstart my success as a patient care coordinator.


Within 2 months, I was comfortable in my role and my consult conversion rate runs consistently at 80%. I’m more confident than ever going into the consultations and using the converting strategies to get to a YES!


Catherine’s training videos are short and informative. They give you the tools and scripts to help you become more successful. I loved taking the quizzes at the end of each video which helps to retain what you have learned. Completing the metrics each week was a great tool to assist me in keeping track of my success and what I could work on. During the amazing coaching calls with Catherine, we discussed these metrics which has turned me into a confident and competent closer. 


I highly recommend The Converting Club to anyone who wants to “up their game” and be the best coordinator they can be.”


Sue P

Choose the best plan for you given your coordinator’s skill and expertise and you’ll get instant access:

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